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  • Wat Krok Krak was built in 1810 and royal granting of the land to a particular temple by announcing in royal decree. The temple received the land in 1880, in the period of King Rama 2. At the present, Wat Krok Krak has 189 panels and 100 square meters. Its located near Tha Chin River and has a holy Buddha image who wears glasses with dark lenses, made from the laterite in Sukhothai Period. People call him Luang Por Pu
  • During Phra Athikan Toh period the former abbots temple residence was burned. There was only ubosot left and many evidences were also burned.
  • According to ancient history, this area was Chinese Community. One can see a Chinese Teaks ubosot and four main posts of veranda. There are two pagodas at front and they have one Chineses boat made from concrete inside the pagoda. They look like Chineses junk of Wat Yannawa in Bangkok but they are smaller. At the present, they lost and only two pagodas remained.
  • The Archive The trip of Prince Damrong Rajanubhab appeared the name of Wat Krok KrakKing. King Rama 5s Royal Barge parked at Wat Krok Krak since the 30th of July 1905 when his trip sailed from Ban Lam, Phetchaburi Province and stopped to buy some food at Ban Tha Cha Lom. He cooked some it at waterfront pavilion. Prince Damrong Rajanubhab felt then sea-sick so he went to the temple to get some holy water.
  • Luang Por Pu in ubosot Luang Por Pu used to sit at the ancient temple of Wat Chong Sa Dao, located near Tha Chin River. The story says that many building were destroyed and Mons (Ban Kum Prak) encouraged two Buddha images to take a boat. One of the Buddha image was bronze. And one of the Buddha image was laterite, sailed along Tha Chin River when the boat sailed near Wat Krok Krak, there was a storm and the boat couldnt go everywhere. Together people helped to lift two laterite Buddha images onto the bank of the river and rescue them from the heavy rain. When the rain calmed down then picked up two Buddha images but could not pick up. One of Mons (Ban Kum Prak) prayed for two Buddha images stay at temple. Suddenly, the people can lift them to the ubosot and they were the principle Buddha image in Wat Krok Krak nowadays.
  • The reason why Luang Por Pu wears glasses with dark lenses because during his time, conjunctivitis spread to Krok Krak Village. Medication wasnt then advanced and people had to cure themselves with home remedies, and conjunctivitis wasnt getting better. Everyone believed in and prayed Luang Por Pu: If conjunctivitis is cured, we will cover Laterite Buddha Images eyes with golden sheets. After that conjunctivitis disappeared from the village. After that there were many people in the village covered Laterite Buddha Images eyes with golden sheets.
  • Phrakru Tummasakhon Yanatavattano or Luang Pu Kap was an appointed to become abbot and came to see if the eyes of Luang Por Pu were covered with more golden sheets. He brought the dark glasses to Lung Por Pu instead of the gold sheet eyes for the monk to wear. People agreed with him and gave the glasses with dark lenses to him. This became a tradition which nowadays continues. He was then named Luang Por Pu. The story says that Ban Tha Cha Lom and Ban Tha Chin were merchant cities by exchanging Chinese products. During that time, Chinese junk carried products and then sailed through Wat Krok Krak. People will light the fireworks to respect Luang Por Pu for praying to sell a lot of products. After that if the products sold out, they lighted the fireworks again to respect Luang Por Pu and prayed for the safe trip to their hometown. It became Chinese Tradition when they had to trade by junk.
  • Then the fishing boats go to the sea to find some fish they will light the fireworks to respect Luang Por Pu following Chinese Tradition. Tradesmen also respect the tradition. At the present, many people show respect to Luang Por Pu by lighting fireworks every day. Many people who drive pass ubosot of Luang Por Pu show respect by honking their cars every times. Ubosot of Luang Por Pu is opened every day from 06.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. There is also a weekly national market on Wednesday and Saturday every week. All money goes towards the development of the temple.
  • Believers of Miracles Worship and hold a Ceremony are prepared on the Fourteenth Moon of February in every year.
  • The legend says that there was a black magic doctor who saw gold inside Luang Por Pu and he wanted to steal it. One night he went to the ubosot and dag in the stomach of Luang Por Pu to find the gold. He didnt find any gold but saw something that made him crazy and die.
  • Phrakru Tummasakhon (Luang Pu Kap Yanatavattano) went to pray in the morning in Buddhist temple. He saw that Luang Por Pu was destroyed, so he repaired it and on the fifteenth moon of January he worshiped a spirit (A respect day to Luang Por Po) every year. On this day, people still worship Luang Por Pu. In the past it was called Saeyid Luang Por Pus Day or Luang Por Pus Birthday.
  • On 12th of July 1984, Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana, the Princess of Naradhiwas went to Wat Krok Krak in the personal. She has traveled by boat to respect Luang Por Po and visited to the officials, merchants, and residents. It was very auspicious event to Wat Krok Krak and the residents who lived in Krok Krak Sub-District.

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